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Feral Vector now takes place in a large restored chapel, filled with daylight, and has workshops, talks, interviews, live games, Q&As, performances, walks, and other things. It’s centred on the subject of game design, its wider cultural influences, the places people think it should go next, and the neglected, ignored places it’s already been. This year, we also have an entire hostel right next to the venue! Visit our tickets page for details.

This is not like other game design events. We avoid conference venues. There are usually multiple things going on at once, in different rooms. Any presenters we have are invited to do whatever they want, and that doesn’t have to be a talk if that’s not their kind of thing. Feral Vector is primarily about design, in a way that’s still accessible to non-industry people. If you feel like an impostor at games events, you’re not only welcome here, we encourage you to attend. The audience is friendly, and the event is fundamentally about outside influences, accessible tools, and the fringes of game design. Because that’s where the most interesting stuff happens.

If you’d like to propose a thing for the next event, ask if we’re interested in your game / performance / sculpture / art project, or anything else, get in touch with us: hello@feral-vector.com. Press information and assets are available here.

Feral Vector used to be called Bit of Alright. It happened in London until 2015, in venues including Battersea Arts Centre and the Motorschiff Stubnitz, moored at Canary Wharf in London. There are some photos of that one here. Last year though, we moved it to Hebden Bridge and found we could suddenly do so many things that we always found impossible in big cities.