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Grethe Mitchell: Playground Games


Grethe is currently a reader in digital and new media at the University of Lincoln. Previously, she has worked on major AHRC projects, and co-edited the book Videogames & Art. One of the subjects Grethe has studied is playground games, on which she’ll be presenting, as well as maybe teaching a couple of them.

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  1. […] Mitchell: Playground Games http://bit-of-alright.com/?p=415 (Twitter account unknown, further contact/website […]

  2. […] Grethe Mitchell did a piece on playground games and how they’ve evolved, or rather not done so. Many children’s games have stayed the same over generations and only changed names or subjects while the core stays the same. We were invited to try some of the games ourselves, but out of typical Britishness/nerdy social awkwardness we didn’t. I spoke with Grethe afterwards about her work with motion-capture using Wiimotes and Kinect hardware (children can record themselves playing clapping games, and then play the game against a stick-figure version of themselves). I’m pretty interested in that sort of thing because one of my brothers has trisomy 21 and doesn’t get how to use controllers, but can grasp things like the EyeToy. I’d love to make games he could play but don’t know where to begin. […]

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